“Some tips to reduce road accidents”

On the roads of our country every day there are over 600 accidents causing 14 victims and 52 serious invalids; and when this happens to others, to those we do not know, about whom we learn news through the mass media only for news reasons, only a few away meters from home or for reasons related to the poor conditions of the roadway, street lighting, etc.

Our attention to the problem fades into the background, taken by so many worries and vicissitudes that accompany our daily life, simplistically attributing the ominous event to an already written destiny which is accompanied most of the times by the attribution of blame exclusively to who was driving and not the problems of today’s road traffic. But this is not always the case and Fabio Bergamo has shown it with his in-depth work.

As a writer, in fact, he has been working on the problem for many years and his approach was first of all of a humanistic nature, then of a legal and technical nature; in fact, one of his books, already widespread in many Italian driving schools, is entitled

“Phenomenology of the pedestrian”. In it, the problem of safety is rationally examined from the perspective of the pedestrian, a weak user par excellence, because according to the author it is precisely from the pedestrian (user on foot) that one must start again to offer useful solutions to guarantee safety in general and in particular the education of young people behind the wheel who are the most exposed to accidents on the road due to inexperience and immaturity,

as the statistics of accident and fatalities have amply demonstrated for too many years. In Italy, in fact, citing only the numbers, they lose their lives every year between 4. 000 and 5,000 people and 20,000 remain seriously disabled with clearly high costs for society as well as unspeakable suffering for the victims’ families. From his study, guided by faith in Jesus Christ, as he is keen to emphasize by stating that “only Jesus makes the difference”, there have therefore been many proposals appreciated by the Ministry of Transport, ASAPS Traffic Police, AIFVS, as well as various Diocese of the Catholic Church and have been reported in the most important automotive culture and safety magazines and websites.

How to detect a road accident

Here’s who to call when a traffic accident occurs

Those involved in the road accident can contact the following competent bodies:

  • call the local police
  • call 113 for emergency public help
  • contact 112 to alert the Carabinieri trying to take stock of the situation as much as possible by providing your personal details and indicating the place where the event took place
  • It is good to remind readers that by calling these numbers above, the call is completely free.

The intervention of the authorities

The intervention of the competent bodies can be contained in three distinct and separate operations. In a first phase, therefore, the authorities try to take stock of the situation on the various elements available. Then we move on to the second phase, the technical one.

In this case, whoever is responsible will aim to detect the road accident through:

  • the collection of the various witnesses present
  • descriptive collection of road conditions
  • control of the vehicles involved during the impact
  • control of the driving documents of the people involved
  • any photographic surveys

After this other phase, we move on to the analysis of all the information collected and we will try to formulate the conclusions in such a way as to be able to carry out the subsequent acts. Therefore, at the end of this last part, it will be possible to proceed with the registration for any violations of the highway code.

In conclusion

At the time of the road accident it is good to underline that all the people involved have the specific duty to stop and provide assistance to any injured persons as well as remove, where possible, elements that obstruct traffic.