3 Ways To Protect Your Piano If You’re Moving To Another Place

Moving to another place or making changes to your residence itself is a tedious job. Many homeowners tend to own grandiose prized possessions, such as antique grandfather clocks, designer decor fixtures, or very useful and decorative items that fuel their hobbies, such as pianos.

Whether it’s reconstructing and renovating your existing home, or moving to a whole different address, protecting your valuables, and especially those as large and delicate as pianos is a challenging task.

A piano is complex machinery combined with many small parts. One thing damaged and you have to make expensive repairs. Precautionary measures should be paramount and indeed, taking professional help will save you from a lot of trouble.

Here are some tips to protect your piano during house construction, renovation, or while moving to a different location.

Secure them in Storage Units

It is understood that regardless of your transition, a prized possession as fragile as a piano needs to be stored for a certain period for sure.

Pianos have several hundred moving parts and essential components, all of which have more or less the same level of fragility and rely greatly on the stability of the overall instrument.

A malfunction or displacement in any component would result in a malfunction of the piano. In such an unfortunate but very likely case, it would have to be repaired, that is if it can be repaired at all.

Thus, instead of pushing it and moving it around on your own, call for professional movers to transfer your valuable instrument to a safe and reliable storage unit perth for whatever time you deem necessary. After the piano is moved, let it sit for a few weeks to get it acclimated to the environment before you get it tuned.

Ask A Friend for Help

Moving a piece as large and complex as a piano yourself is not an easy task. Even when it comes to merely push it around, people would generally think for an object as heavy as one would assume a piano to be, muscle and physical strength is all that matters. But they are underestimating.

Protecting the instrument and making sure it is not being affected by the impact of being moved around is more crucial than ever to preserve the valuable instrument.

Every little component is very essential. So with the help of an additional person or several people, the instrument can be well looked after and taken care of even during moving. If you can’t get professional help, seek someone in your acquaintance who has done this before.

Measurements before the moving

Before carrying your piano to different rooms, floors, or even out of the house entirely, it is crucial to know in what spots of the house or space to be most cautious. You wouldn’t want your heavy piano to get stuck right outside the door of the room or hall.

Measure the width of the piano beforehand. And then measure the width of the hallways, doorways, and plan strategically beforehand how to carefully move your piano.


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